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Last March of the Red

Grim Tactical City Survival

Earth, the Red planet. Sixteen years have passed since "The Red," monstrous creatures formed from the knitted flesh and bones of the dead, rose up and laid waste to mankind. The human population devastated, only one city is known to still remain: Last March. Surrounded by massive walls manned by the Bannerette, the city clings onto the threads of hope and life. But just surviving isn't good enough for the newly promoted city administrator Kaden Holm. He wants to strike back.

Gameplay Outline

You play as the leader of the last city left on earth. You govern the city with help of a council that recommends course of action. The city must be defended, and the lively hood of it's people maintained. Send forces outside the walls to seek survivors, items, knowledge and complete story objectives. The city may not fall or humanity will be extinct and the Red will roam the earth.

Command squads and run the city in a first person perspective as the pilot of an overseer drone that makes you a participant in the game world

The army of monstrous revived dead known as "The Red" each have unique abilities and approaches to destroying the city of Last March and it's people

Command a large army made up of small squads that have specialized roles, equipment, weapons, and abilities. 

Influenced by elements of tower defense or horde mode. Expands the scope exponentially to include management of city survival, exploration, and hunting down the enemy before they can strike.

Experience the effects of apocalyptic trauma on both a societal and personal level from the viewpoints of dynamic characters and a civilization on the brink of extinction.

Intended Platform: PC/Steam

Target Age Group 18+

Intended ESRB Rating: M

Release Date: Q2 2021

Single Player

Campaign and Survival modes

Look out for updates on progress posted in our weekly blog. We welcome feedback and questions.

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