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WE VALUE YOUR TIME, MONEY, AND ATTENTION and intend to show you with our games.

Wether we are working on mobile, console, or computer games we believe in making games fair to play. That means that we will...

  • Never use dark patterns or employ tactics like loot boxes.

  • Never let you buy something with real money that is temporary

  • Never sell an in-game currency

  • Always put fun before profit

  • Always maintain an honest relationship with our players

  • Always use reward-based advertisements. NO FORCED ADS!

  • Always make a prices equal to or less than the value of the product. 

Special Note for mobile games...

We believe that mobile games should not be profit hungry monsters that lack in real experience. We are classic gamers that enjoyed the original, and super nintendo growing up. As games are much more accessible now through mobile we want to meet that customer half way. We will need to use monetization tactics like advertisements or possibly carefully crafted micro transactions but we seek to make the gameplay experience the priority.

If you have any feedback for us about our practices we welcome you to reach out on our social media or contact form.

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